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Readers looking to avoid spoilers, jump right into chapter one. For a summary and content warnings, see below.

Falling Far is a litRPG fantasy web serial, the story of a young woman who finds herself reincarnated into another world, on a tropical island, as a tree. When circumstances give her a reason and the means, she sets out on a journey into a confusing world, and discovers just how far the fruit can fall.

For readers on the lookout for content warnings: there will be a degree of swearing, violence, death, body horror, and (mention of) darker aspects of world-building. I intend to handle these delicately, balanced with cheer and humor. The world isn’t always nice, but the protagonist certainly wants her life to be. The first arc can be regarded as broadly representative of the intended tone.

Falling Far was originally conceived for a female protagonist isekai contest on SufficientVelocity. It was received well, so I edited it and gave it its own place here. More chapters are in the works, but updates will be slow and irregular while I flesh out the world and settle into a reliable schedule.

If you choose to give my story your time, I hope it manages to entertain. Feel free to leave comments; it’ll beam me energy. Actionable criticism is highly welcome.

– Lyova

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  1. I hope your muse helps you flesh the world and mechanics out so you can hit a stride! Even just 3 chapters, I was getting quite interested.

  2. An incredibly strong start that has me wanting more. I will be following this closely to see how it develops.

  3. Just reread this for what must be at least the fifth time now. I come back every few months or so, and this introduction is compelling as ever. Thank you once again for sharing this work.

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